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Paternity and Child Support
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Issues of Paternity and Child Support

Pasco County Paternity Attorney While there is no confirmed number, some estimates claim that more than one third of all babies born in the United States today are to unwed parents. As birthing trends change, it is important for unwed couples to understand their legal rights and responsibilities in regards to their children. While issues may not arise initially, if there comes a time when you and your partner end your relationship, matters of child support and parenting time need to be addressed. When you find yourself in this position, retaining a skilled and experience paternity and custody rights lawyer can help ensure that you and your children are protected. Protecting the Parental Rights of Unwed Parents The law office of Frank D. Klein, P.A., is an established Florida law firm with a dedicated focus on family law issues, including paternity matters. Regardless of whether you are an unmarried mother or an unmarried father, our law firm can help you resolve the difficult legal issues that you face in regards to your children. Parents who never married have legal rights and obligations to their children, just as do divorcing parents. Our law firm can help you understand the complex laws surrounding parenting time and child support, and how it will apply to your specific circumstances. Attorney Frank Klein aims to first help clients achieve favorable outcomes through non-adversarial means, such as negotiations. However, if our firm feels your rights are being violated, we are more than ready to take your case to trial. A respected litigator, Attorney Klein uses ethical legal methods in court to support your parental position, while still keeping the best interests of your child in mind. New Port Richey Child Support Attorney If you are an unwed parent and need legal advice on your rights regarding parenting time or child support, the law office of Frank D. Klein, P.A., is ready to help. Contact us at 727-849-2303 to speak with a skilled Port Richey paternity attorney. Payment plans are available.     
Pasco County Paternity and Child Support Attorney   Contact the law office of Frank D. Klein, P.A., at 727-849-2303 to speak with a skilled New Port Richey family law attorney. We are ready to answer all of your family law questions and help you move forward. Payment plans are available.