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Divorce Modifications
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Divorce Decree Modifications

Pasco County Divorce Decree Modification Attorney Even after your divorce is finalized, there are still opportunities to modify portions of the divorce order. When there has been a substantial, permanent and involuntary change in either party's circumstances, there may be an option to seek a modification. Influencing factors can include the loss of a job, a serious personal injury, relocation or a substantial increase in income. The law office of Frank D. Klein, P.A., has extensive experience in all family law matters, including issues of modification. While certain aspects of the final divorce order cannot be adjusted, matters of parenting time, child support and alimony are eligible for modification. Contacting a skilled lawyer should be your first step when you seek to bring or defend against a modification claim. Modifying Your Final Divorce Order Following your initial divorce decree, you may need changes to parenting time.  There are many reasons a parent will seek to modify the terms of his or her custody and visitation order. Sometimes as children get older, they are in a position to spend more time away from a custodial parent. Increased parenting time with the noncustodial parent can be beneficial to your children. Other times, the situation is less positive. One parent might wish to protect his or her child if there are issues of alcoholism, drug abuse or domestic violence in the home of the other parent. Further yet, some parents have very different parenting skills and life priorities which may warrant a custody modification. Child support modification: Common reasons to seek a change in child support include the loss of a job or a substantial increase in one parent's income. If you or your ex-spouse has experienced a change in your ability to pay and your means to do so, our firm can help you establish a solid case. While each matter is unique, we have an in-depth understanding of both child support laws and the burden of proof required to modify your original order. Having served as legal counsel for the Pasco County Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Unit, attorney Klein has an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the child support system. Amending your alimony agreement: A judge will take numerous factors into account when ruling on alimony modification, including the type of spousal maintenance originally awarded, the ability of the payee to provide support, and the current marital status and living arrangements of the recipient. For example, if the receiving party was awarded permanent alimony, but remarries or is cohabitating with another partner, he or she is at risk for losing spousal support. Another common claim is to sever rehabilitative alimony once a spouse has successfully transitioned to single status and can support himself or herself. Just as in all modification requests, changes to alimony are governed by complex laws and include numerous variables. Our firm can help you understand your legal position and will provide practical advice on moving your case forward. Pasco County Parenting Plan Modification Lawyer Learn more about your options to bring or defend against a modification order by contacting the Florida law office of Frank D. Klein, P.A. Call us at 727-849- 2303 to speak with a knowledgeable Port Richey divorce decree modification lawyer about your rights. Payment plans are available.     
Pasco County Divorce Attorney   Contact the law office of Frank D. Klein, P.A., at 727-849-2303 to speak with a skilled Pasco County family law attorney. We are ready to answer all of your family law questions and help you move forward. Payment plans are available.